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It all began in the town of Bellary in Karnataka where Anjina lived as a 10 year old. Every week, she would see groups of children beating drums and carrying notebooks, walking down the streets, knocking at every door, collecting donations for the orphanage they lived in. Coming from a happy and well-to-do family herself, Anjina would feel sorry for them. Then one day her family moved from Bellary to Sandur and she soon forgot about these children. Years later, in 1976, the family moved to Delhi in order to get over a personal tragedy and she took up a job. Then in 1983 she moved to NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh.

She was deeply disturbed by the sight of children being exploited all around her and also by the reports in newspapers and magazines about exploitation of children. Images of Bellary came back to mind, which was how the dream was born …… A dream of providing a home for these children, where they would not only get shelter, clothing, food and education but also feel as secure and confident as their more privileged peers.

Another decade passed before she could turn her dream into reality due to her responsibilities towards her family. In 1988, a chance meeting with an old friend directed her to PRADAN, a voluntary organization, for guidance. PRADAN offered her a fellowship of three months to enable her to visit various homes all over India and make an in depth study of the aspects involved in such projects. One such home where she spent twenty days is the Antar Bharati Balgram at Lonavla, near Mumbai. By this time she was able to identify friends who were willing to help her. The Society SAIKRIPA was formed and by March 1989 they succeeded in getting their society, SAIKRIPA, registered.



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